Baby Yoga

Baby Yoga

What is Baby Yoga?

Baby yoga are fun baby led classes using gentle stretches and movements that also promotes relaxation and stimulate development. Some of the techniques are taken from traditional Indian baby massage but it also incorporates breathing techniques, stretches and movements for baby, songs, nursery rhymes and sensory play.

Many of the moves you may recognize and have been around for centuries.
Baby Yoga 1
Baby Yoga

History of Baby Yoga

Yoga has been around for hundreds of years but baby yoga as we know it today is a more recent form of the practice which draws on the principles of adult yoga.

Baby yoga is being rediscovered in the western world and research shows that loving contact between parents and their babies can have a positive affect on their development.

Benefits of Baby Yoga

Developing a feeling of being loved and secure which in turn help with bonding and connecting with baby.
Helps alleviate trapped wind and soothe colic and constipation.
Uses babies first form of communication through touch to which encourages parents to have positive interactions with their baby.
Helps baby develop mind and body awareness and works on coordination.
Promotes relaxation and improves quality of sleep.
Strengthens and tones muscles.
Great opportunity for socialization and group activities.
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Baby Yoga Classes

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