Baby Massage

Baby Massage

What is Baby Massage?

Baby massage is a beautiful way to bond with your baby through positive and loving touch. It is a interaction between parent and baby that involves gentle strokes over babies skin, through your hands you can communicate with your baby and enhance your babies development whilst also promoting the feeling of love and security. Baby Massage can also help with common ailments such as colic, digestion issues & encourage deeper more relaxed sleep.
what is baby massage
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Baby Massage

History of Baby Massage

Infant massage has been practiced by parents in Asia, Eastern Europe, Africa & Latin America for centuries & therapeutic massage can be traced back in Eastern cultures as far back as 3000BC.

Vimala Schneider McClure founded the association of infant massage following her stay in India in 1973.Whist there she worked in an orphanage and noticed the daily practice of massage from the youngest to the oldest children. Unfortunately, whilst there she fell ill but the woman of the village helped massage her back to health. 

As she was leaving the country she noticed a woman sitting with her baby on the side of the road massaging her baby on her lap. Inspired by this she decided to bring back the techniques of infant massage to America. Vimala wrote a book “Infant massage – A handbook for loving parents”& combined the massage that she had seen in India with Swedish massage, Chinese reflexology & yoga. This massage routine has been taught to parents & caregivers all over the world.

Benefits of Baby Massage

In many parts of the world infant massage is a fundamental aspect of caring for young children and something that is used everyday from the moment of birth until baby is walking.
Relaxes your baby, loving touch eases tension and irritability. Massage is a great way to ease stress for parents and babies.
Aids bonding through touch, which is essential for emotional and physical development. It can also help with postnatal depression.
Aids growth and development -it has been shown through studies that massage can help increase weight and improve immune function.

Promotes communication-Encourages parents to become more aware of their babies non verbal cues and instills a message of love and security.

Improves sleep patterns-As your baby learns to relax, they will often sleep longer.

Relieves wind & Colic-Massaging relaxes the abdomen and helps release trapped wind.

Offers relaxation for baby and parent -Happy hormones are released such as oxytocin and endorphins by the parent giving the massage and the baby receiving it which enables both to feel happy and relaxed.
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