The important 
role of touch

Baby Yoga & Massage Training

Emotional Bonds

Your Babies first emotional bonds and form of communication is through touch. Touch is a positive way to promote parent-child bonding which is used all over the world. By using massage techniques parents can communicate love, trust & respect which helps develop as secure attachment between children & parent.
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Baby Development

Studies have shown that through touch and massage babies have improved cognitive, emotional & social development. Studies have also shown that premature infants who were regularly massaged whilst in hospital, gained more weight & were ready to go home with their parents earlier than premature babies that had not been massaged.
Founder - Mini Mindfulness
I’m Joanna, I am a recently fully qualified Baby massage & baby yoga instructor.  My Diploma in baby massage was with To Baby and Beyond and is fully approved, accredited & Validated by the Royal College of Midwifes, Independent professional Therapist International, International institute for complementary Therapists, The complementary Therapist association, The CPD standards office & The Federation of Antenatal Educator....  Read more

What our learners say

Happy learners make happy babies and toddlers. 
We love hearing about how our courses help change lives. Have a little read of some of our success stories.
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